The secret to low airfares is to buy more of them: Southwest Airlines


Southwest, the budget carrier of the United States has a little secret to share with its passengers. The Dallas based carrier believes that the mystery of keeping airfares low is nothing but buying more of them.

Ron Ricks, Southwest Airline’s Executive Vice President staunchly believes that it is the people who make the service successful. Sharing his thoughts with the people of Grand Rapids, he said locals should support the airline in its endeavor of offering competitive fares. He did not regret seeking public support and instead displayed signs of happiness.

The carrier in its continuous expansion has brought Grand Rapids under its expansive fold of network cities. The airline recently commenced daily nonstop service from Grand Rapids to Baltimore, Denver, St Louis, and Orlando. It is gradually overtaking operations of AirTran, the airline that comes under its wholly owned fold now. Beginning next spring it plans to launch direct daily service to Fort Myers and Tampa, two popular destinations in Florida.

The airline operates Boeing 737 aircraft’s under its fleet. All its planes are painted in the blue and red colors, representing its uniqueness. These planes contain a seating capacity for 140 passengers.

Ricks said the airline is extremely pleased and very encouraged at its constant penetration into different markets across the United States. Southwest tickets are available for purchase on the Grand Rapids route. Customers can make the best use of the opportunity to buy these seats at attractive rates.

Ricks, however, maintained that the airline can’t guarantee ticket prices for the next month. He said that the airline is a low-fare policeman, serving markets. He added that if they are not successful, the service will fall and ultimately the prices are going to go up.

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