Southwest renews Varolii contract for real-time communication


Southwest Airlines is committed to interact with its customers on a real-time basis and has decided to renew its relationship with Varolii Corportation to this effect.

Southwest Airlines had earlier in 2007 entered into a three-year agreement with Varolii Corporation, a market leader in customer interaction management. The motive of the agreement was to provide the best services to the customers and make flying convenient for them as far as possible.

The software provided by Varolii enables the airline to consistently reach out to its customers, pilots as well as employees with critical, time-sensitive information.

With the renewing of the agreement with Varolii, the airline will be able to live up to its commitment and see to it that Southwest Airlines flights continue to offer the top quality services to the customers as before.

In the past one year, more than 35 million communications across voice, text and email had been delivered to the customers and employees by Varolii through its Interact Platform on behalf of Southwest Airlines Reservations.

In recent times, the American Customer Satisfaction Index has acknowledged Southwest Airlines for providing top notch service and lauded it for maintaining one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings for airlines.

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