Southwest Airlines increases daily flights at Lambert airport


Southwest Airlines currently remains the busiest of all carriers at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport. Daily Southwest Airlines flights have been significantly increased by 8 percent as compared to May last year.

Media reports said that Southwest Airlines by increasing its flights services at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport operated a total of 95 flights to/from the airport in May 2013.

Media reports quoted Michelle Agnew, spokeswoman of Southwest Airlines, as saying that the airline started adding daily flights between St. Louis and Dallas Love Field, and between St. Louis and Los Angeles International Airport, in the month of April.

The airline had also reduced flights services between St. Louis and Fort Lauderdale, Tampa and Orlando in April this year, while it added flights between St. Louis and San Diego in the same month.

Southwest Airlines, however, said that it was able to introduce seven additional flights during the months of April and May 2018.

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