Southwest Airlines begins flights between Chicago and Des Moines


Southwest Airlines recently announced it has launched its flights services to Des Moines from Chicago. U.S. aviation experts have warmly welcomed Southwest Airlines flights to Des Moines from Chicago’s Midway Airport and had a great advice for the local travelers.

Aviation experts said that the start of Southwest Airlines reservations services to Des Moines has come as a boon for the local travelers and it is up to them whether to keep the service here or not.

The aviation experts advised the local travelers to continue buying Southwest Airlines flights tickets to Des Moines and keep the service intact. If the sale of tickets drops and there aren’t enough passengers to take Southwest Airlines flights to Des Moines then it is highly likely that they stand the risk of losing the flights services out of here on a long term basis.

A California-based airport industry analyst said that if the advantage of flights to Des Moines is not taken by the people then the airline may or may not stay in the market for long. The analyst warned that this is the only route that Southwest Airlines is going to provide, so the difference of having and not having the airline’s service between the two destinations can well be imagined.

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